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The four main components of our project are support groups, education, outreach, and treatment assistance and referrals.

Support groups: We meet with clients as individuals, families, or small groups as appropriate, usually once a week. We process experiences together, and provide a safe environment in which clients can share their victories and concerns. We also offer informal counseling for whatever difficulties clients might be facing.

Education: We offer information and education to schools, families, communities, and governmental and non-governmental (NGO) organizations. This helps to prevent misinformation, stigmatization, and discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS.

Outreach: We interact with at risk populations (sex workers, drug users, inmates) as well as AIDS patients in local hospitals and prisons. We build relationships with members of these populations and offer our services to these groups.

Treatment Assistance and Referrals: We provide information about and referrals to needed government and NGO services for clients. These services can include government paid healthcare and treatment, non-profit clinics and testing centers, financial assistance, trainings, and empowerment seminars.

Gerasa Bali is also recognized by local government as the lead agent in Bali to support trafficked people.




A Letter from our founder

I am incredibly thankful for all of you, both colleagues and stake-holders, who have tirelessly been contributing both time and energy to this ministry, so that from year to year we have seen Gerasa Bali become a positive impact among our community, even becoming an inspiration for social ministry movements within many other organizations and communities in Indonesia. In 2017 we had a breakthrough, and took the courageous step of launching our Social Enterprise division. The background of this is simple, and in line with our already existent values: we believe there are no people born without gifts, talents or skills. The issue is that not all people are able to remember, or explore their abilities. Our part is to help them discover who they are. For this I give thanks to God because, since 2017, we have already had several skill trainings for the building up of our community, including: sewing, beauty class, hair stylist, cooking, barista, herbal tea and salt soap. We hope these first steps truly have an impact and are meaningful for the people that we currently serve, in line with our goals of building a pattern of holistic ministry.
All of this is not a departure from the goals that we, as the team of Gerasa Bali along with our partners and stake-holders, have been holding to all this time. We know that God will multiply the things that we have given, and have prayed for. Peace...

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Code of Conduct

HealthServe Australia is a signatory to the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) Code of Conduct reflecting HealthServe's compliance with industry standards of good practice, transparency and accountability.  If you have any complaint or concern please click here  and you will be redirected to our complaints form. A copy of our Complaints section in our Procedures Manual can be accessed by clicking here.

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HealthServe Australia works in partnership with other international organisations, complementing their strengths with health resources. It has a special relationship with the largest group of Christian health professionals in Australia, the Christian Medical and Dental Fellowship of Australia (CMDFA) through which it was established. Many of the CMDFA members have worked for a number of years overseas in health work.



We acknowledge the traditional owners of the lands on which we work and live, and pay our respects to First Nations people, and their Elders past and present.

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