India's surge of Covid cases is overwhelming the medical system, causing shortages of urgent medical supplies for critically ill patients. Your support is greatly needed.


Mission hospitals serving the most under-served populations in India are now in the thick of the battle as they are facing an overwhelming wave of Covid patients. The staff are mentally, physically and emotionally near exhaustion but continue to focus on their work. Several of the staff are also down with the infection. They need our help.

The crisis is burdening the medical infrastructure, with the second wave spreading rapidly across the country with thousands of deaths reported on a daily basis, and hundreds of thousands more infected and requiring immediate medical care and socio-economic support.

The most difficult part of this wave is having to turn away patients when the Oxygen supplies dip below critical or when they completely run out of beds and gurneys and make-shift surfaces to help patients. The most urgent needs are for oxygen supply – in the form of oxygenators, concentrators, oxygen generator plants. In addition there is a severe shortage of Ventilators, BiPap/CPAP equipment, defibrillators, Pulse Oximeters, ECG machines. Consumables like PPE kits, face-shields, glucometers are also high in demand. Some of the small hospitals would manage sanitization and bed linen with ordinary washing machines previously. Now with the high patient turnover, they urgently need a hospital standard laundromat and additional bed linen.

It is a struggle to not just save as many patients’ lives as possible but also keep their staff as safe as possible to continue to fight. Your contributions will have a direct impact on saving lives and providing a good enough standard of care and dignity to patients.

In too many places, the situation on the ground is almost worse than what you see in the media. We expect the current wave of patients to get worse as per the projections before it gets better.

And it will get better. With your help and your prayers, we will conquer this.

HealthServe is running two campaigns to help this urgent cause: one in partnership with Emmanuel Hospitals Association and another with the Australian Alumni Association of CMC Vellore. Both campaigns will directly assist mission hospitals in India and we encourage you to support generously to either or both.

Donate here to the Australian Alumni Association of CMC Vellore campaign

 Donate here to the Emmanuel Hospitals Association campaign

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