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Dear HealthServe Australia donors, supporters, partners and friends,

A very big thankyou to all our supporters that strengthened our partnership with our friends and partners in overseas settings where health resources are scarce or limited. Our vision is to see global health transformed by accessible, compassionate and high quality health care for all. 

Our mission is to empower individuals and communities to transform health outcomes for people in resource poor settings by
1)     Delivering, coaching and facilitating targeted education to health workers and communities 2)     Implementing affordable and sustainable solutions to health needs

3)     Advocating for improvement in access to health care

4)     Collaborating with decision-makers and stakeholders to implement evidence-based practice.

What’s been happening…

Our feature program for the HSA June Appeal was the Northern Ugandan health clinic Yotkom (which means ‘health’ in Acholi). Andrew and Anne Wright, recently recognised for their work by the Australian government by receiving AM awards) have been in partnership with this troubled area of Uganda for more than ten years. We are grateful for the support received which will go towards essential theatre equipment and theatre lighting. See for more news from Andrew.

Also our Community Based Health Program in Buldana, Maharasthra state, India was well supported and James Wei and his team are delighted with this support. This will be an important contribution to their Wheels-for-Life project. This project addresses the issue of patient transport services as distance from health services is a major determinant of the quality of healthcare.

Several new programs are underway and new partners are needed.  A water program in northern Tanzania is underway, a Mental Health training program is growing in eastern Asia and a hospital chaplaincy program is starting in Vietnam.  

Please join with us to make a difference in your world. For more details, see

Calendar for Winter/Spring

There are several important social and education events ahead as follows:

Sunday August 13 City2Surf – HSA is a registered participant organisation and this is a great opportunity for working  on healthy bodies.  To support see front page of

Saturday September 16 HSA Sydney Day Conference – Building the Future 0930 till 1600 at St Andrews Anglican Church, Roseville, $40 – lunch and morning and afternoon tea provided  

Saturday October 14 HSA Melbourne Day Conference – details to follow

October 20 -22 HSA Partnerships in International Education Day Conference, Macquarie University, Sydney.


CEO Healthserve Australia


HSA Autumn Newsletter 2017

Dear HealthServe Australia friends and colleagues,

HealthServe Australia seeks to fulfil your vision and our HSA VISION of global health transformed by accessible, compassionate and high quality health care for all. We are delighted to share this partnership with you, our program partners and a Loving God who values justice and mercy (Matt 5:1-14). We aim to develop sustainable health programmes that will improve the total health and wellbeing of communities. HSA aims to help build a community's capacity for meeting its own health needs through partnership with community groups in projects.

You are welcome to join with us in our South Sudan Program Training Doctors, Nurses and Health workers. This is done in partnership with the ICMDA National Institute of Health Sciences, Jonglei, South Sudan. This program needs short term teachers and wise leadership in the midst of difficult and needy circumstances. Dr Owen Lewis from our South Australian team has recently spent one month training and teaching. As the HSA Executive officer, I will visit in early June to join in celebrations for the first student graduation where over sixty students; clinical officers, nurses and nurse midwives will be graduating. There will also be an important planning meeting at that time.

If you have skills in chaplaincy work you would be most welcome to support, join and encourage the work of our Chaplaincy capacity building as part of our Partnerships in International Medical Education (PRIME) work. I can share that Les White continues to provide regular training in Papua New Guinea. New sites for chaplaincy training are emerging in Singapore, Vietnam and the Solomon Islands.

The Yotkom Primary Health Care Project in Kitgum, Northern Uganda continues to build partnerships and strengthen local capacities in this resource poor part of eastern Africa. The first phase of building is complete. A second phase is planned in conjunction with building mobile health team resources.  Dr Andrew Wright and Mrs Anne Wright our programs have recently been honoured by awards of Members of the Order of Australia. The HealthServe Australia family congratulates Andrew and Anne.

Please join with us in supporting our partners via the HSA Easter Wheels-For-Life Appeal. In this campaign we are highlighting the work of a sustainable village health program in Maharasthra state, India; our Community Based Health Project (CBHP).

Partnering with Christian compassion; building local capacity to meet health needs,


Dr Michael Burke EO HSA

On behalf of all in HealthServe Australia




We are interested in projects that involve:

Rural community health clinics, special units in hospitals where patients lack access to such facilities

Training of all kinds of health workers with an emphasis on community health

 Scholarships for Post-graduate training and professional development of healthcare graduates 

The provision of multimedia resources for health education

Community health development in dentistry

Health education of school teachers, students and community leaders