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HealthServe Australia Autumn 2019 Newsletter

Dear HealthServe Australia members and friends,

We are so grateful for the generosity of members and friends of HealthServe Australia. We share a Christ centred approach to the pursuit of Kingdom outcomes.

Our posture for service is not driven by results but by nurturing relationships. Rather than loving money and using people we choose to love people and use money; thus, we resolve to follow the example of Christ and serve people humbly while doing everything with love. Aligned with a stewardship view of resources,  we seek to mobilize spiritually gifted people. We want to help God’s people find a place in kingdom ministry that matches the gifts God has given them, while also exhorting everyone to demonstrate radical Christian generosity. As leaders we must model the way of obedience in this area. We do this by putting all we are and all we have to work in order to make known the gospel ( as we demonstrate values of a new kingdom.

In recent months, the recommencement of work in South Sudan in the Medical and nursing training college in Bor is a great encouragement. We thank God for the lives of Owen Lewis and Anil and Shalini Cherian and the many student and teachers working together. .

We are humbled by the faithfulness of Rev. Santino who after many years of prayerful persistence has seen the construction of a well, which truly does give life giving water in a parched land, and in the building of a foundation for a health clinic in Wedweill South Sudan.

In Indonesia we thank all for the important ministry of Gerasa Bali that demonstrates compassion and kindness and brings new life, hope and opportunities to the night people of a major tourist site. And also we are grateful for partnership with and  the work of The Nation’s Torch Of Love Foundation (In Indonesian: Yayasan Suluh Kasih Bangsa)

Their Lombok and Central Celebes Health Worker Training has trained  those who are going the earthquakes and Tsunami areas in Lombok Island and Central Celebes (Palu City, Donggala, and Sigi Regencies). By equipping the lay people with abilities and skills to work as Health Workers they will not only able to take care of the refugees’ health concerns, they can also have in practical ways share God’s Love to the people. This training hopes to change the focus of Health Issues from Curative / Rehabilitative to Preventive and Promotive. Thus, the Health Issues may shift from Personal Approach to Community Approach. The Training provides every trainee with abilities to use a First Aid Bag with medicines (in the scope of a health worker, not to go beyond the boundary of medical practitioner), health tools and instruments that may be helpful in the fields.

Please support us by becoming a member of HealthServe Australia.


HSA works in partnership with other international organisations, complementing their strengths with health resources. It has a special relationship with the largest group of Christian health professionals in Australia, the Christian Medical and Dental Fellowship of Australia (CMDFA) through which it was established. Many of the CMDFA members have worked for a number of years overseas in health work.

Prayer and Praise Points

*William Machida – Australian dentist visiting  Dodoma Tanzania April 2019  

-          Building ministry opportunities in dental work

*Owen Lewis – Educating medical workers in Bor South Sudan

* Easter appeal for PICCSI (Pacific Islands Cervical Cancer Screening Initiatives) visiting Fiji in Spring 2019

* Partnerships in International Medical Education (PRIME) visit to Maranatha Christian University, Indonesia  June 2019

* Canberra Fun Run April 13 2019 – Pray, Run , Sponsor

* Wedweil program South Sudan, have built their well and laid their health clinic foundation.

Healthserve Australia Pty Ltd ABN: 42 958 367 110

Healthserve Australia is a Registered Charity and an ACFID Member



2018 HealthServe Australia Summer and Christmas / New Year Newsletter

Dear HealthServe Australia members, and friends,

We have been given so much, we can by sharing in word and in action and in prayer and in giving, see the Kingdom of God continue to spring to life and give life in all its fullness.

Wow what a year of generosity and partnership! Thank you for your generosity and partnership. You have exemplified this by your willingness to pray, to go and to give.

And let our people learn to devote themselves to good works, so as to help cases of urgent need, and not be unfruitful. Titus 3:14

 “The ‘good works’ in question are not ‘living a good moral life’ or ‘obeying the law’. They are the ‘good works’ of giving practical help, particularly money, to those in need, or where there are social emergencies that require urgent assistance. This passage begins to sound, in fact, as though Titus is to set up what we today would call a charity organization.

In a sense, that’s exactly what early Christianity was. One of the remarkable things the early Christians were known for — and one of the reasons for the rapid spread of the faith — is the way they were unstoppable when it came to helping others, both financially and in practical ways. If people were ill, they would nurse them. If they were hungry, they would get them food. If they were in prison, they would visit them. And so on.

Not only with their own family — most people in the world would do that — but with strangers, with people from difference ethnic groups, even with former enemies. This, of course, follows directly from the previous passage [Titus 3:1-13]. Having been gripped by the generous love of God themselves, they couldn’t help acting in the same way.”

N.T. Wright in Paul for Everyone: The Pastoral Letters, 1 and 2 Timothy and Titus (London SPCK, 2003) 163.

In the biblical text above, the Apostle Paul is instructing Titus (his co-worker appointed to minister in Crete) to help fellow Christ-followers (“our people”) scattered throughout the ancient Mediterranean world to show their faith through fruitful works (Gary Hoag, the Generosity Monk, 2018). As Michael and Jean  visit highly valued partners and friends in east Africa next month, pray with us that likewise we will encourage “our people”, that is brothers and sisters in Christ who have been “gripped by the generous love of God”, to put structures in place to help God’s people more generously participate in His work all over Africa, and elsewhere.

Our partnerships continue. Our partnerships are growing. The Papua New Guinea Community Health Worker manual program is making fine progress amongst many challenges . We thank God for all involved especially our own Dr John Oakley, editor and Gerri Koelma, monitoring and evaluation officer.

HealthServe Australia is embarking on a series of new Projects that need funds for the New Year. These include:

  • PICCSI PROGRAM Cervical Cancer screening program in the Pacific Islands
  • The Gerasa Program in Indonesia – healthcare for the poor and marginalised,  women and children living on the streets
  • The Wedel Clinic-building Program in South Sudan

And we want to encourage our ongoing programs:

  • CBHP India mobile healthcare teams and community health workers in rural villages
  • The Muko Clinic program experiencing a resurgence of passion and commitment from the Grainery Church in Newcastle
  • The Tarime Water Project in Tanzania

And our vanguard Program – “PRIME” designed to effect a change of culture in the way Christians practice healthcare globally. 


To Give to the Healthserve Australia Christmas Appeal please click below

Please pray for Dr Anil Cherian and Dr Shalini Ninan as they establish the Jonglei Health Sciences Institute, Bor, South Sudan. Once the ground work is completed and students are enrolled, they will need Prime Tutors and long termers.

In 2014 ICMDA established a Health Training Institute  in Kampala Uganda  in partnership with the Government of South Sudan and the  Mengo Hospital of the Church of Uganda to train mid-level cadre of medical workers – clinical officers , nurses and midwives. The Institute was to be started in Bor Town, Jonglei  but due to the renewal of civil war in December 2013, the Institute actually was run in Kampala. In 2017-18 the Institute completed the training and graduated 68  health workers who are all now working in South Sudan.

In April 2018 the  National Health Minister of the Republic of South Sudan, requested  Drs Anil and Shalini Cherian to consider  re-establishing the  Institute in Bor Town, Jonglei State. Jonglei is one of the few states  and regions (Greater Jonglei) that does not have any health training institute. So, in July  2018 they consulted with the local CMDA South Sudan unit and with the Anglican International Development (primary supporting partner) to restart the  training of South Sudanese Health workers in Bor with the local support from the National and State Ministry of Health who have  agreed to  provide the  building/venue to house the Institute and a portion of the operational costs. So, the institute now called the “Jonglei Health Sciences Institute” will start taking new students  in Clinical Medicine and Midwifery from early 2019.

Health Serve Australia is  considering how to partner – by praying, going and giving.  We invite you to be generous and become HealthServe Australia members – so as to even more generous by praying, going and giving!


May God bless you generously,

Dr Michael Burke

Executive Officer

HealthServe Australia.

Our HSA office will close at 4 pm Friday 21 Dec 2018 and reopen on Tuesday January 8 at 0930.

Thank you for your ongoing support and generosity towards the many individuals and communities you engage and partner together with HealthServe Australia.



 Newsletter Spring 2018


Dear HealthServe Australia Members, and supporters,

May I offer a brief scriptural reflection From N. T Wright regarding the ‘Day of Rest’; as we head into a very busy time of the year.

An Excerpt from “Simply Jesus…” by Dr Tom Wright

“In the opening of the Bible…when God made the world, he ‘rested’ on the 7th day. This doesn’t just mean that God took a day off. It means that in the previous six days God was making a world — heaven & earth together — for his own use. Like someone building a home, God finished the job & then went in to take up residence, to enjoy what he had built.

Creation was itself a temple, The Temple, the heaven-and-earth structure built for God to live in. And the 7th-day ‘rest’ was therefore a sign pointing forward into successive ages of time, a forward-looking signpost that said that one day, when God’s purposes for creation were accomplished, there would be a moment of ultimate completion, a moment when the work would finally be done, and God, with his people, would take his rest, would enjoy what he had accomplished.

One of the few things that ancient pagans knew about the Jewish people was that, from the pagans’ viewpoint, they had a lazy day once a week. From the Jewish point of view, it wasn’t laziness; it was the chance to celebrate time in a different mode. The Sabbath was the day when human time & God’s time met, when the day-to-day succession of tasks & sorrows was set aside & one entered a different sort of time, celebrating the original Sabbath & looking forward to the ultimate one.

This was the natural moment to celebrate, to worship, to pray, to study God’s law. The Sabbath was the moment during which one sensed the onward movement of history from its first foundations to its ultimate resolution. If the Temple was the space in which God’s sphere & the human sphere met, the Sabbath was the time when God’s time & human time coincided. Sabbath was to time what Temple was to space.

The Sabbath law was not, then, a stupid rule that could now be abolished (though some of the detailed Sabbath regulations, as Jesus pointed out, had led to absurd extremes …e.g. not healing the sick on the Sabbath). It was a signpost whose purpose had now been accomplished. [The Sabbath] was a marker of time pointing forward to the time when time would be fulfilled; and that was now happening…Jesus is a walking, living, breathing Temple. He is also the walking, celebrating, victorious Sabbath…”

And as followers and participants in this tradition, we embody and reflect notions of temple and sabbath that showcase eternity in our world today. We in HSA enact this engagement in the service of better health in strategic relationships and partnerships.

We are soon to launch a new membership drive for our strategically important and eternally valuable; HealthServe Australia. We ask you to be generous with your prayers, with your time and with your money. If you are happy with the ministry of HealthServe Australia, please be generous.

I am hoping you will join us in these partnerships and transform your generosity into improved whole person care of individuals and communities. Let me share with you some recent highlights of our year.

Dr Sharon Darlington led a PRIME team including Foshan, Ronald and myself to Maranatha Christian University in Bandung Indonesia in June 2018. The team taught on Whole Person Care. This training highlights the person and community in their horizontal (current), their longitudinal (historical) and vertical searches for hope, meaning and purpose.  A wide range of over thirty Indonesia medical educators attended. Plans are underway to return and expand these networks in mid-year 2019. Team members will be sought to join the next team/s.

An HSA PRIME (Partnerships in International Medical Education) group of Tony and Trudie Rombola and Melinda Choy attended a General Practitioner training in Hainan, China addressing “rational use of resources” including antibiotics. This was a partnership activity with our colleagues in the Hainan General Practitioners Association. Hainan province is one of the top three sites for general practice medical work in China today.

One of our key activities highlighted in our HealthServe Australia 2019 – 2021 strategic plan is to strengthen our activities in our Partnerships in International Medical Education (PRIME) programs. In 2019 we will be visited by Chinese colleagues and in turn will visit China, East Timor, Indonesia and Vietnam and the UK. We hope to also better equip Australians to teach on Whole Person Care.

We are finding the financial load for running Healthserve is being spread too thinly and relying on the generosity of only a few. A Membership subscription annual payment is an essential way to redress this imbalance and to help members become genuine supporters of the life of HealthServe Australia.

We ask that those who are able to invest, make an annual membership payment to HealthServe Australia of $90 AUD. Details of how you can be part of this community of members will come out in the next few weeks on the Website – and through email.

For those unable to afford this support, they are able to join our community of HealthServe Friends.

Finally, The International Christian Medical and Dental Associations ICMDA Dignity and Right to Health Award is calling for nominations. Nominations close 20th November 2018. Please visit our website for more details about this award. 

Many Blessings,

Michael Burke

EO, Health Serve Australia


Newsletter Autumn 2018

Dear HealthServe Australia friends,

I would like to thank all HealthServe Australia members, friends and team for their great efforts and important partnerships. This is allowing us to make further steps toward our vision of global health transformed by accessible, compassionate and high-quality health care for all. 

There has been much activity and many of the office team as well as our partners have participated in various fun runs around the country. There are more opportunities to come. We have so far raised more than $6000 in the last 9 months from fun-runs, for the programs in Tanzania, South Sudan and Uganda. And we are all fitter and healthier for this activity.

We are delighted with the progress of our Partnerships in International Medical Education (PRIME). These education programs are delivering, coaching and facilitating targeted education to health workers and communities. 
We have received an invitation for Indonesia in June this year. Carolyn Russell and Sharon Darlington will lead this team. We are also continuing to strengthen our Australian-Hainan (China) General Practitioner Support network. Visits to Hainan are planned for August and we hope to have Hainan people visit us again in Sydney later in the year. Les White continues his PRIME Chaplaincy training in Papua New Guinea and in new settings in the Solomon Islands and Vietnam.

I was able to attend PRIME training in the UK in March (yes! the temperature was thirty-three but Fahrenheit and not Celsius) and that white material on the ground was truly snow. Nevertheless, the welcomes were warm and friendships genuine and the learning important and strategic. We may well adapt and use their program models: Whole Person Medicine, The Good Teacher and Compassion Without Burnout, both for sharing with our overseas partners and with our local partners as well.

We are continuing our partnerships in implementing affordable and sustainable solutions to health needs. The Yotkom program in northern Uganda continues to build its capacity and services under the able and committed leadership of Andrew and Anne Wright.  The Tarime Water and Sanitation program in northern Tanzania is underway. St Mark’s Clinic in the Wedweil community of South Sudan is moving ahead. We thank all our partners and supporters as we journey on with these new endeavours.

2018 has produced an opportunity to advocate for improvement in access to health care with our near neighbours. We are delighted to have commenced a special women’s health program in the Pacific Islands – the Pacific Island Cervical Cancer Screening Initiative (PICCSI). Dr Nicola Fitzgerald (Melbourne) and Dr Amanda Hill(Fiji) are undertaking a pilot program in Fiji to develop a program for Cervical Cancer Screening across the Pacific Islands.

We are collaborating with decision makers and stakeholders to implement evidence based practice. The Papua New Guinea Community Health Worker manual program continues with important work from HealthServe Australia’s Gerri Koelma and John Oakley.

We are taking more steps to empower individuals and communities to transform health outcomes for people in resource-poor settings. We are facilitating scholarships for delegates from low income countries to attend the International Christian Medical and Dental Association (ICMDA) World Congress in Hyderabad India in August 2018.

We welcome Nicole Hughes from Melbourne as a new board member. Nicole has much experience in program management. She will greatly strengthen this aspect of our work. We are also most grateful for the leadership of recent added board member, Rachel Gijsbers-Hayman for strengthening our commitment to Child safety standards across all our settings and partnerships.

I see this work in all its various aspects and settings is your work and your ministry in building towards global health transformed by accessible, compassionate and high-quality health care for all. This is in keeping with Christian teaching of seeing God’s Kingdom and all born in His image flourish.

If any of our supporters would like to donate to any of our projects please click on this link below and select a project from the bottom of the donations page

May God bless you,

Dr Michael Burke
Executive Officer
HealthServe Australia

HSA VISION – Global health transformed by accessible, compassionate and high-quality health care for all. 

HSA MISSION: To empower individuals and communities to transform health outcomes for people in resource poor settings


Dear HealthServe Australia donors, supporters, partners and friends,

A very big thankyou to all our supporters that strengthened our partnership with our friends and partners in overseas settings where health resources are scarce or limited. Our vision is to see global health transformed by accessible, compassionate and high quality health care for all. 

Our mission is to empower individuals and communities to transform health outcomes for people in resource poor settings by
1)     Delivering, coaching and facilitating targeted education to health workers and communities 2)     Implementing affordable and sustainable solutions to health needs

3)     Advocating for improvement in access to health care

4)     Collaborating with decision-makers and stakeholders to implement evidence-based practice.

What’s been happening…

Our feature program for the HSA June Appeal was the Northern Ugandan health clinic Yotkom (which means ‘health’ in Acholi). Andrew and Anne Wright, recently recognised for their work by the Australian government by receiving AM awards) have been in partnership with this troubled area of Uganda for more than ten years. We are grateful for the support received which will go towards essential theatre equipment and theatre lighting. See for more news from Andrew.

Also our Community Based Health Program in Buldana, Maharasthra state, India was well supported and James Wei and his team are delighted with this support. This will be an important contribution to their Wheels-for-Life project. This project addresses the issue of patient transport services as distance from health services is a major determinant of the quality of healthcare.

Several new programs are underway and new partners are needed.  A water program in northern Tanzania is underway, a Mental Health training program is growing in eastern Asia and a hospital chaplaincy program is starting in Vietnam.  

Please join with us to make a difference in your world. For more details, see

Calendar for Winter/Spring

There are several important social and education events ahead as follows:

Sunday August 13 City2Surf – HSA is a registered participant organisation and this is a great opportunity for working  on healthy bodies.  To support see front page of

Saturday September 16 HSA Sydney Day Conference – Building the Future 0930 till 1600 at St Andrews Anglican Church, Roseville, $40 – lunch and morning and afternoon tea provided  

Saturday October 14 HSA Melbourne Day Conference – details to follow

October 20 -22 HSA Partnerships in International Education Day Conference, Macquarie University, Sydney.


CEO Healthserve Australia


HSA Autumn Newsletter 2017

Dear HealthServe Australia friends and colleagues,

HealthServe Australia seeks to fulfil your vision and our HSA VISION of global health transformed by accessible, compassionate and high quality health care for all. We are delighted to share this partnership with you, our program partners and a Loving God who values justice and mercy (Matt 5:1-14). We aim to develop sustainable health programmes that will improve the total health and wellbeing of communities. HSA aims to help build a community's capacity for meeting its own health needs through partnership with community groups in projects.

You are welcome to join with us in our South Sudan Program Training Doctors, Nurses and Health workers. This is done in partnership with the ICMDA National Institute of Health Sciences, Jonglei, South Sudan. This program needs short term teachers and wise leadership in the midst of difficult and needy circumstances. Dr Owen Lewis from our South Australian team has recently spent one month training and teaching. As the HSA Executive officer, I will visit in early June to join in celebrations for the first student graduation where over sixty students; clinical officers, nurses and nurse midwives will be graduating. There will also be an important planning meeting at that time.

If you have skills in chaplaincy work you would be most welcome to support, join and encourage the work of our Chaplaincy capacity building as part of our Partnerships in International Medical Education (PRIME) work. I can share that Les White continues to provide regular training in Papua New Guinea. New sites for chaplaincy training are emerging in Singapore, Vietnam and the Solomon Islands.

The Yotkom Primary Health Care Project in Kitgum, Northern Uganda continues to build partnerships and strengthen local capacities in this resource poor part of eastern Africa. The first phase of building is complete. A second phase is planned in conjunction with building mobile health team resources.  Dr Andrew Wright and Mrs Anne Wright our programs have recently been honoured by awards of Members of the Order of Australia. The HealthServe Australia family congratulates Andrew and Anne.

Please join with us in supporting our partners via the HSA Easter Wheels-For-Life Appeal. In this campaign we are highlighting the work of a sustainable village health program in Maharasthra state, India; our Community Based Health Project (CBHP).

Partnering with Christian compassion; building local capacity to meet health needs,


Dr Michael Burke EO HSA

On behalf of all in HealthServe Australia



Healthserve Australia is a Registered Charity and an ACFID Member