Mental Health Program, China


Project: Living Wholeness

Location: Based in Kunming, Yunnan. Yunnan is a largey rural province of 42 million people, one of China's poorer provinces. 



The program vision is "personal transformation of individuals, within relationship, within family, and community, focusing on wholistic mental health". A 2 year training course is designed to strategically select and train indigenous counselors, to develop counseling initiatives in their own communities, with emphasis on empowering the to offer counseling, supervision, train others, and develop culturally relevant preventive programs. Examples include marriage enrichment, training lay counselors, teen counselig iniatiatives, and member care. Currently the project is working primarily within China but also includes students from  Macau, Nepal, and Mongolia, within the broader Asian context. Future expansion to offer similar training  in Cambodia, Bangladesh Nepal and India is planned, following exploratory training and the Asian Conference.

Who is supervising the project?

An Australian Family Physician/GP who worked initially in Deception Bay, Queensland, relocated in 2005 reach out to assist people with mental health issues. The needs include included suicide in teens and elderly, issues of identiy and sexuality, psychological trauma following natural disasters and war. There are a multitude of marriage and family issues, connected with rural -urban worker migration, child abandonment and orphans. 

Asian Councelling Conference

What is this Project up to in 2017-2018?

The project leader co- founded a consulting company in 2006 and in 2015 this allowed him to offer  the recognised course in Counselling. This course is designed to train others to meet the vast mental health needs, and allowed students to undertake the two-year training. The first cohort of students recently graduated. All students are trained to become counsellors, trainers, supervisors, and developers of culturally relevant counselling projects, meeting needs at a local level. A second intake of students from a variety of Asian backgrounds is now half way through. The third is planned for 2018. Following a very successful Asian Chrn Counseling Association formative conference ( organised by our GP, invitations are coming in to expand this training to specific locations within the region. As the foci will be Nepal Bangladesh Cambodia and India, additional funds will be needed to facilitate high capacity but low resourced individuals complete the course. 



Healthserve Australia is a Registered Charity and an ACFID Member



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