Sri Lanka Emergency Appeal

Location: Sri Lanka


What is going to be funded?

Emergency Response Counsellors for Mental Healthcare Work with Surivivors / Families and Churches in Rural areas. 


Further Details:

The Emergency Appeal Team are putting together a grief response team to offer support to one church where 57 people died. The main connection is Zion Church on the East Coast.

They have an ACCA member for Sri Lanka coordinating the response on the ground and the ACCA president facilitating a coordinated team.

He is a grief specialist who did a similar intervention in the Philippines after the hurricane there in Tacloban.

The plan is to take a team of around 10 people to offer training to local pastors and lay counsellors who then run grief small groups under supervision and debriefing.

We guess there are around 200-300 family members affected directly, as well as the church and the community around it.


$2000 AUD immeditaely, and another $8,000  for July to December period of 2019