Wedweil Project South Sudan



Wedweil is a Region of the North West of South Sudan and it has no easy access to Medical facilities.


When the war started in 1983, the Wedweil region was reduced to rubble. The war caused a breakdown in the economy and people were trapped into a culture of poverty. The massive issues of disease amd sickness could not be properly treated because of lack of proper local facilties and the tyranny of distance to facilties in the Capital. For the few who could travel to medical facilities, the cost of treatment was often far too great.

The area is still extremely poor. Wedweil continues to face staggering economic problems separate from the results of the war. For many years the north and south have fought a bloody civil war in Wedweil has resulted in a huge loss of properties.  Within the Wedweil district, villages have been intensively ravaged over the years.  The population live below the internationally aid poverty line.

The war caused a problem for many people, who no longer had access to even basic healthcare and hygiene.  With no sanitary latrines and no sources of safe drinking water, the population is exposed to water-borne diseases, such as dysentery which still affects children at schools. This is particularly detrimental for pregnant women, children and elderly.


Project Aim:

This project is aimed at building a medical facility to begin to meet the healthcare needs of this region.

The Project is overseen by The Reverend Santino Yuot Rang and HSA is supporting the planning process of the Clinic building while working with the local community,

the Local Diocese and the South Sudanese Governmment to make this facility a reality.

Below - the plans in outline for the new Clinc Building



Below: Meetings with the villages of the area to talk about the coming project




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