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 A statistically comparision of Australia and South Sudan

South Sudan Vs Australia
Category South Sudan Australia
population 13 million 25 million
population growth (annual) 4.10% 1.90%
life expectancy 50-55 80-85
unemployment 14% 5.40%
Dependency Ratio 84 51
Infant Mortality rate (per 1000 births) 78 4
% Governmt Spending on health as % GDP 2.7 9.4
Physicians per 1000 population 0.02 3.3
pop using improved drinking sources 60% 100%
pop using improved sanitation facilities  10-20% 100%
% pop using internet 15-20% 90%

 South Sudan Christmas Appeal 2017

This Christmas HealthServe is embarking on an ambitious and exciting Building Partnership with The Reverend Santino Yuot and his community at Wedweil, South Sudan. This project aims to build a Healthcare Clinic in the North West Corner of South Sudan, in the Aweil District.

While the building is a 2018 program, we are aiming to kickstart the project funding by raising $30,000 to offer a true gift to our neediest South Sudanese sisters and brothers. 

The vision is to create a Healthcare Facility that we might show compassion and deliver high quality services South Sudanese people who live with disease, sickness and child and maternal mortality which is preventable and treatable. 

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Recent Pictures from 2017 Wedweil meetings


and Rev Santino's speeches to initiate this South Sudan Project  


Rev Santino runs in the City2Surf Sydney to Promote the Wedweil Project




An Evening with Rev Santino - May 2017

Saturday Evening 13th May Healthserve hosted an evening with Rev Santino Rang Yuot,

who has spent the last five months back  in his home region in South Sudan exploring the critical healthcare needs in their area.

He met both with the community members and leaders and discussed the initiative of building a Healthcare Clinic in Wedweil, as a regional healthcare clinic in this northern area of South Sudan.

There are many challenges in working in South Sudan but the communities there are in desperate need.

Our work with Santino on this project is ongoing and we hope it will bear fruit in the months to come. Please continue to support Healthserve’s partnerships in Africa; in South Sudan and Uganda.

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