Wedweil News

WEDWEIL WELL Healthserve Australia's First step

in Building the Clinic in South Sudan



Rev. Santino has returned from Wedweil, South Sudan after three months in stifling heat to show Healthserve the fruit of our funds.

The Project has completed an 8m deep well in Wedweil that will serve the township and eventually the clinic.

The foundations of the clinic are being set and the first building constructed with the $9,000 AUD Healthserve Donors contributed to this project in 2017-2018.

Well done donors and we look forward to helping the next phases of the work in 2019.

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Pictures from 2017 Wedweil meetings


and Rev Santino's speeches to initiate this South Sudan Project  


Rev Santino runs in the City2Surf Sydney to Promote the Wedweil Project


The reason why we are trying to help

 A statistically comparision of Australia and South Sudan

South Sudan Vs Australia
Category South Sudan Australia
population 13 million 25 million
population growth (annual) 4.10% 1.90%
life expectancy 50-55 80-85
unemployment 14% 5.40%
Dependency Ratio 84 51
Infant Mortality rate (per 1000 births) 78 4
% Governmt Spending on health as % GDP 2.7 9.4
Physicians per 1000 population 0.02 3.3
pop using improved drinking sources 60% 100%
pop using improved sanitation facilities  10-20% 100%
% pop using internet 15-20% 90%

Healthserve Australia is a Registered Charity and an ACFID Member