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HSA Melbourne Conference 14th October 2017 

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Healthserve's Annual Sydney Conference: 16 September 

Roseville Anglican Church, Sydney

Last Saturday - 16th September, Healthserve Australia held its Annual Sydney Conference. We heard presentations from a wide variety of Project supervisors and support workers. This included Ms Gerri Koelma on the PNG Healthcare Manual, Dr David Outridge on the Muko Project in Uganda, Rev. Santino Yuot Rang on the proposed Wedweil Project in Southern Sudan, Dr Les White on Chaplaincy in PNG and Vietnam, Dr Andrew Wright OAM, on Yotkom in Northern Uganda, Dr David Nikles on Mental Healthwork in China and numerous other currently running and proposed projects. 
The opening address was provided by Dr Paul Mercer, the new Chair of the Board, and offered reflections on the healing work of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark, and how Mark saw the presence of evil in the sicknesses of the people Jesus encountered. Dr Mercer encouraged us to partipate in the healing work of Jesus through Healthserve as a sign of the kingdom and a particiaption in the overcoming of the presence of evil in the world. Dr Michael Burke, CEO of Healthserve, also gave an extended presentation on the work of Healthserve and the exciting opportunties for future projects. He spoke about the importance of partnership with local healthcare workers and honouring a community's experience and context before deciding on appropriate ways to develop sustainable and high quality healthcare to their people.
Gerri Koelma was most passionate in her presentation of the Healthcare Manual, Edition 3, which is a 1.67 million dollar project and which is critical for the success of healthcare in rural PNG in the decades ahead. David Outridge spoke very candidly on the achivements of the the Muko project and their struggles and learnings from the long-standing commitment made by the Grainery Church in Newcastle. Rev. Santino spoke with passion on the plight of his people in South Sudan, and their need of a medical facility to offer quality healthcare. 
We heard also from Dr Ern Crocker about his book and the many stories that illustrate God's presence and power through healthcare work. We heard about the administration challenges, the City2Surf promotion that raised $3000 and various conferences that will assist us in our expansion phase in the Twelve to Twenty-four months ahead. 
The whole day was brilliantly catered by the local bakery in Roseville and was an inspiring day of sharing and listening and investing in the successes and challenges on our fellow workers in Healthserve Australia's National and Interntational community.



 Michael Burke Leads to the Projects Discussion at Sydney Healthserve Australia Conference














Team PNG - overseeing the Healthcare Manual Project

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and raised $2953 for Projects in Africa.

Well Done Team, and congratulations on finishing the race!

We had a team of five - Zoe, Michael, John, Katherine and Santino and we all completed the race - 14kms - mostly uphill! Zoe was the vanguard runner completing the course in a lightning fast 1 hr 35min, the rest of us managing the course in a somewhat more measured way - between 2 hrs 3mins and 2 hrs 45mins. However, we raised a wonderful $2,953 for Healthserve Projects.

Thank you for all those who donated - you continue to make a wonderful contribution to the healthcare in Africa! Well done running team - a great achievement!

The following people or organisations made donations for the event:

Paul Mercer Medical Centre, Brisbane 

Kildare Road Medical Centre, Blacktown

Carolyn and Norton Russell

Jane L Noller

Jean Burke

Doug Shaw

Nicole Sleeman

Jill Gumbley

Mike and Peggy Gumbley

Yvonne Moloney

Michael Burke

Jenny Weaver

David McMillan 

Carol Moon

Maureen Simmons

Brenda Bunsell

John Gumbley

Geoff and Linda Jones

Grant Purdie 

Agnus Albert

 Melanie Burke

Kent Maddock


From left to right: Zoe Dunn, John Gumbley, Michael Burke and Santino Yuot. 





opening yotkom team sm cr

A message from Dr Andrew Wright; Superviser of the Yotkom Project in Uganda

10th July 2017

“We appreciate the fundraising efforts HSA made in June to raise support for our theatre expansion.

It is exciting to think that we will be able to get a theatre bed and lighting.

This will greatly assist us in being able to offer more surgical procedures at Yotkom.

We have two very able doctors wanting to do more but up until now they have been hampered by lack of equipment.

The funds you raised will also help us to pay toward our biochemical analyser for our laboratory, so we can perform liver function

electrolyte and renal function testing.”









HSA and CMDFA present 

an Evening with Dr Ern Crocker

Author of the book "When Oceans Roar"



Time: 6:30pm - 9:30pm 17th June 2017

We gather at 29 Benson St, West Ryde in the Sweeting residence

please bring a plate - either chips, dips, salad or dessert.







Healthserve Event: South Sudan Project –

                                       an evening with Rev Santino Yuot


Last Saturday Evening 13th May Healthserve hosted an evening with Rev Santino Rang Yuot, who has spent the last five months back  in his home region in South Sudan exploring the critical healthcare needs in their area. He met both with the community members and leaders and discussed the initiative of building a Healthcare Clinic in Wedweil, as a regional healthcare clinic in this northern area of South Sudan.


There are many challenges in working in South Sudan but the communities there are in desperate need.


Our work with Santino on this project is ongoing and we hope it will bear fruit in the months to come. Please continue to support Healthserve’s partnerships in Africa; in South Sudan and Uganda.


santino 3

Rev Santino amongt the Healthserve gathering presenting his slideshow of his South Sudan challenges  



Healthserve Australia Easter Appeal 2017



Easter Appeal




Healthserve Australia and CMDFA 

“Welcome to 2017 BBQ”

Twenty-three people gathered in Dr and Mrs Burke's

residence in Carlingford

on Saturday 4th February for a 

BBQ to celebrate the ongoing work of Healthserve Australia

and CMDFA and launch the year's activities for 2017.

The evening began with a BBQ, and then progressed with a talk from Ben Reardon about his recent time in PNG. Ben and his wife Eleanor, went to PNG for a ten-day tour to survey the current medical practices and needs in rural PNG. We thank him for his powerpoint presentation and explanation of the challenges and problems faced by the PNG people regarding national healthcare. There was a short Q and A that followed and then a wider discussion on the work of Healthserve and CMDFA led by some insightful questions from some of the medical students. We concluded the agenda with a lovely dessert course.  



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