Kilimanjaro rehabilitation project

Kilimanjaro Rehabilitation Project


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The Kilimanjaro Rehabilitation Project is located near Moshi at the foothills of Kilimanjaro Mountain.  The rehabilitation centre will be part of the overall facilities of the large KCMC complex, which is the second largest health training complex in the country, and its training facilities are a medical campus of the Tumaini Christian University. 

It was commenced in 1971 as a church initiative to be a specialist referral hospital for all government and church operated hospitals in North East Tanzania. 

It has a current catchment area of 13 million people. 

There are more than 100 doctors, 1,000 staff with a bed capacity of 450 and occupancy of 120 percent. 

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Location of KCMC in Tanzania

Currently it is grossly overcrowded and while there has already been a rehabilitation programme, it has no specific facilities designated for rehabilitation.

Dr Russell Clarke, one of our CMDFA members from Sydney has been plugging for some time for special facilities for rehabilitation.

After many months of discussions and negotiations between people in Tanzania and Australia, we have now reached agreement on the final format of the Kilimanjaro Rehabilitation Project.

In Australia others of our fellowship, Prof John Yeo and Assoc Prof Andrew Cole

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This an exciting development and we can now proceed in working towards

Building a rehabilitation centre at KCMC,

Giving post graduate training to special graduates, and

Expanding the current community rehabilitation program.

Architectural master plans have been approved for the rehabilitation centre which will be called the Kilimanjaro Rehabilitation Centre, built as a memorial to Dr Ian Hulme Moir.

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            Site of planned building at KCMC

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Ian (son of Bishop Hulme Moir, Sydney) went to KCMC as a junior medical graduate from Australia in the 1970’s, but unfortunately while doing surgery, a needle-stick injury caused him to develop rapidly fulminating Hepatitis B.

On realization of his predicament staff tried to urgently transport him to the UK by plane but he died before he could get there. The Hulme Moir family has always been keen to have some memorial to Ian at KCMC, and we are privileged to be the agents of bringing this about.


The total cost for both sections of the Kilimanjaro rehabilitation project

Is estimated to be $1.5 million

More details of this project will be available on line and in a separate brochure.

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