ICMDA Leadership in Christian Health and Development Initiative

ICMDA Leadership in Christian Health and Development Initiative
The ICMDA HIV Initiative is a Christian initiative and is a linked activity of the International Christian Medical and Dental Association. We are motivated by a belief in a loving God who cares about all the world's people regardless of health status, race, creed, colour or financial or social standing. The International Christian Medical and Dental Association (ICMDA)  is an association of more than fifty national Christian medical, dental and health worker societies, and interested individuals, reaching out to Christian doctors, dentists, health workers and students around the globe.
We continue to encourage all Christian health workers, services, institutions, local congregations and communities to engage holistically in HIV and AIDS advocacy, education, prevention, care and treatment. We support the call for universal access to prevention and treatment as part of a right to health and dignity for all.
The annual Dignity and Right to Health Award
The Award is given to individuals for excellence, outstanding leadership and compassion in responding to the HIV/AIDS epidemic.
Winners of the award in recent years:

 Dr Andrew Reid 

Champions for Life, East Africa.

Dr Reid with Zimbabwean children 

 Dr Reid has shown Visionary and Innovative Leadership, influencing the professional practice of medicine and the public’s image of healthcare and HIV/AIDS through excellence in leadership since 1999 when he moved from his country of birth New Zealand to practice medicine in Zimbabwe. He exemplifies selflessness and unwavering commitment in the HIV/AIDS domain and is clearly recognized as a role model in the medical profession by both peers and junior doctors alike. He is a lead researcher in Africa’s largest research study of HIV/AIDS, the DART Program (Development of AntiRetroviral Therapy) alongside Professor JG Hakim; and is also an exceptional lecturer at the University of Zimbabwe’s medical school.

In 2005 Dr Reid founded Champions For Life which is a faith-based PSS-psychosocial-spiritual program for children, adolescents, and young adults who are infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. In 2005.  Today, once every 3 months, Champions For Life Day Seminars are held across 11 African nations. These events see as many as 100 -600 children infected and infected by HIV come together with leaders from the community, health clinics and even business community for a day where barriers are broken down and they receive the psychosocial spiritual support that they need. During the day seminar the children enjoy dramas, games and receive a hot meal and at the end are taken to a central bus terminus where they are each given bus fare to get home. Dr. Reid and his exceptional team of leaders ran such a program in one of the toughest African economies before they decided to expand into the SADC region. Today more than 15, 000 children from 11 African nations, coming from poor marginalized backgrounds have been reached and served thanks to Champions For Life.

We congratulate Dr. Reid and his friends for their remarkable and ongoing achievements giving thanks to God for the many lives touched through his love and commitment.

In 2015 we received 7 fasntastic nominations, each worthy of recognition:

  1. St Stephen’s Community Health Dept Delhi
  2. Dr Baha Hembrom – established hospital in rural India - Nagra in Ballia district of Uttar Pradesh
  3. Dr.Anil Cherian and the ICMDA National Institute of Health Sciences – Jonglei, SouthSudan-  currently located in Kampala 
  4. HealthServe Singapore – guest worker health work and advocacy
  5. Keshab Nepali – Nepal Community worker for women who are trafficked/ sold for sex 
  6. Sunil Khadka and DHERSEC – disability work Nepal
  7. Dr Andrew Reid – Champions for Life, Zimbabwe

 ICMDA HSA Dignity and Right to Health Award - a YouTube Presentation By Michael Burke 1/10/2012



Winner of the 2012 Dignity & Right to Health Award

This World AIDS Day We are delighted to announce that the joint winners of the 2012 Dignity and Right to Health Award is held jointly by Dr Saira Paulose of SHALOM Delhi andDrs Isac and Vijila David of Prem Jyoti Community Hosptial, Jharkhand, India.The "Dignity and Right to Health Award" is an international award established to address health and development issues including HIV. The "Dignity and Right to Health Award" is an activity of the International Christian Medical and Dental Association (ICMDA) Leadership in Christian Health and Development Initiative.The nominations this year were:1. Beacon of Hope Kenya  -

2. Dr. Pratibha Esther Singh of India - Dr. Saira Paulose of India  - Drs. Isac & Vijila David of India - Prem Jyoti Community Hospital
Each represents an example of compassionate and innovative outreach to marginalised communities, and it has been a great challenge to choose between them.
Drs Isac & Vijila David have clearly demonstrated visionary and innovative leadership from the time they graduated as Family Physicians by stepping out in faith to take on a very difficult, yet rewarding role among a diminishing people group called Maltos in a very remote and neglected area in Jharkhand, India. On their exploration within the context of their call and vocation over fifteen years ago, they found the need to step in to change the course of life for these people.Dr. Saira Paulose leads the SHALOM Delhi HIV/AIDS Unit of the Emmanuel Hospital Association of India. Dr. Saira through her quiet leadership has knit together a team which has significantly impacted many HIV-affected individuals and families, both directly, and also indirectly through training of other organizations for home based care, and other HIV-related interventions (including clinical care).The majority of SHALOM's Home Based Care program beneficiaries are of migrant origin (neighboring States) and live in poverty stricken communities in North West Delhi, SHALOM's area of focus. Stigma and discrimination are still a very live issue, as attested to by case stories that continue to emerge from SHALOM's work.Further details of these inspiring lives can be shared by visiting


The Beacon of Hope Centre (Jane Wathome and her team) 

Beacon of Hope (BOH) is a Resource Center for HIV affected women and children in a slum area, Ongata Rongai, on the western outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya.  A Kenyan woman, Jane Wathome, after seeing women in her work and church worlds going around and around the cycle of poverty, HIV and the sex trade felt God's call to leave the marketplace and equip herself to walk with these women toward physical and spiritual health. find more at

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Congratulations to Dr Stephen Watiti of Uganda

Announced on World AIDS days, December 1, Dr Stephen had this to say  �Glory be to God for the award.  I am humbled by this. I pray that the Lord will continue to help me as I bear witness to His power to save in the face of challenges many of us PLHIV, especially Christians, have to face.

 I never thought it would come to this.  When I discovered my infection I prayed for strength to go down fighting.   When He gave me a new lease on life, I though I could share my testimony with others (Rev 12 vs 11); and now this!
Stephen Watiti



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