How to Support


A donation may be made by following the process outlined below:

1. Click on the Project below to which you would like to make a financial contribution. 
2. A window will open to the GiveNow website; a website that enables fee-free online donations for community organisations.
3. Click on either the Red or Black "donation" buttons. 
4. The site will ask for your contact details. This will allow us to send you a receipt for tax purposes.
5. Follow the givenow prompts to complete the donation process

Thank you for your kindness in helping us to improve the health and well-being of the world's poorest people.

Please note that all donations to overseas projects are fully tax deductible.


Click here to make a donation via direct debit (i.e. instead of using the GiveNow website).

Click here to make a donation via cheque (i.e. instead of using the GiveNow website).




We are interested in projects that involve:

Rural community health clinics, special units in hospitals where patients lack access to such facilities

Training of all kinds of health workers with an emphasis on community health

 Scholarships for Post-graduate training and professional development of healthcare graduates 

The provision of multimedia resources for health education

Community health development in dentistry

Health education of school teachers, students and community leaders