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Hope Zimbabwe
In the latter half of 2008, Australian Christian Medical colleagues received a plea for help to aid in the cholera epidemic of Zimbabwe from the International Christian Medical and Dental Association (ICMDA) which had launched an appeal in support of the devastating plight of the people of Zimbabwe. 

The ICMDA appeal was directed towards enabling students and graduates of the Christian Medical Fellowship of Zimbabwe (CMFZ) to medically treat and care for their fellow Zimbabweans in hospitals, clinics and Cholera Treatment Centres. 

HealthServe Australia responded to this appeal by forming a cholera epidemic tax-deductible fund with proceeds being sent via the ICMDA in South Africa and where along with other sponsors from around the world, Celebration Health was able to treat 15,000 cholera sufferers during the epidemic.

Early 2009 the Cholera epidemic drew to a close, however what remained was a nation recovering from gross poverty, disease and an economic meltdown. At this time a small medical student group  from Newcastle university formed an organisation called Hope Zimbabwe under the leadership of HealthServe Australia, which aims to partner with the local Zimbabweans' endeavours to rebuild their nation.
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1.      Raise awareness of the situation in Zimbabwe

2.      Gather people in prayer for the nation

3.      Provide material, educational, financial and spiritual support to those suffering.


  1. In the support the program of ‘Champions for Life (CFL)’:

Help with children suffering with HIV in this program to be adequately educated in a holistic way to develop the positive attitudes of hope rather than despair and be matured into wholesome young adults and leaders for Zimbabwe’s future.

  1. Partner with Christian Medical and Dental Fellowship of Australia (CMDFA) and Christian Medical Fellowship Zimbabwe (CMFZ):

Support in the training of Zimbabwean medical students and give Australian students the opportunity to learn about medical issues such as diseases of poverty and HIV.  

  1. Build a strategic link with Celebration Health:

As Celebration Health Zimbabwe continue medical and compassionate aid outreach throughout their nation we will partner with their efforts.

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You can work together with the Hope Zimbabwe team to make a difference by:

·         Prayer and letter writing to Champions and medical students

·         Raising awareness of the needs in Zimbabwe with you community group, work place or school

·         Donating to Hope Zimbabwe


Zimbabwe Medical Student Scholarship

Scholarship Purpose

This scholarship has been provided by generous donation of Christian doctors and Zimbabwean medical students and their families, through the organisation Hope Zimbabwe in conjunction with HealthServe Australia. The aim of the scholarship is to strengthen relationships between Australian and Zimbabwean medical and dental students, provide Australian students with an opportunity to learn about diseases of poverty like HIV/AIDS and grow spiritually.

The scholarship is able to be taken over any 4-8 week period within the year in which it is awarded. It is not a requirement of the scholarship that it be counted towards the student’s medical studies, however students may use the scholarship to facilitate an overseas placement as an elective, provided all university requirements are filled.  Regardless of when it is taken, the recipient of the scholarship will spend a large proportion of their time in health clinics and medical facilities in Zimbabwe, and is expected to work alongside local staff as they learn about local healthcare provision in Zimbabwe.

The scholarship is open to all Christian students currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Medicine or equivalent course in Australia.  As it involves significant clinical experience, students in later years of the degree may be given preference, however those in earlier years are still welcome to apply.

What the scholarship provides

·         $1000AUD towards the costs of organising a medical mission trip to Zimbabwe

·         Accommodation provided by a Zimbabwean medical student and their family.

·         Contact details of Zimbabwean medical students and doctors prior to the trip, to allow communication and organisation of activities.

Responsibilities of the scholarship holder

·         Organisation of all transport to and from Zimbabwe, insurance, health check-ups and immunisations, administrative/university requirements and any other arrangements for travel, and coverage of all costs entailed.

·         Production of a short written report (500-1000 words) on the experience.  This will be used by the scholarship providers in Christian Medical and Dental Foundation of Australia publications, and in ongoing promotion of the scholarship.

·         Involvement in a post-trip presentation on your experience in Zimbabwe to either a medical or Christian audience.

 Highlights of the letter:
  • Champions for Life outreach meetings exploding all around Zimbabwe, the start of school sponsorship program for the Champions and great outreaches by Celebration health and our CMFZ brothers and sisters.
  • From the Australian side of Hope Zimbabwe, it has been a year of
    • establishing a formal project under the oversight of HealthServe Australia,
    • building a team,
    • having multiple dinners to raise awareness of the situation in Zimbabwe,
    • initiating an education support fund for Champions and
    • partnering together with the CMFZ family in support of their outreaches and camps.
  • We have been blessed with three visits from our Zimbabwean brothers and sisters.
  • We see that God is continuing to build strong relationships between Australia and Zimbabwe. Continue to pray that God will continue to build this work and direct Hope Zimbabwe in truth and humility and justice

HealthServe website:


Children with HIV suffer with all kinds of stigmas and labels, for example...
  • Children of lesser Gods
  • AIDS orphans
  • Children on the brink
  • Orphans and vulnerable children

Champions for life continues to instil in their Champions that they are Children With Hope & Courage and that God hasn't forgotten them, but rather knows their names and has chosen them to be His children. They work in many areas to meet all the needs of such children, aiming to:
1. Strengthen capacity of families
2. Mobilize and strengthen community and church responses
3. Ensure access to education, health care, and other services
4. Ensure government protection
5. Use advocacy and social mobilization

Counselling and long term management of Adolescents with HIV. Dr.Mothi.S.N, Asha Kirana Hospital, Mysore

  • The Champions for life team will continue to give identity and confidence to their children.
  • That through partnership with HealthServe Australia many of these children who cannot afford school fees will have opportunity to go to school and will be placed in a nurturing and encouraging learning environment, especially when they have missed several years of schooling due to poverty and illness.
  • Champions for life will raise up leaders from its children to teach other children like them about how to rise above the stigma of having HIV.
  • The consistent monthly seminars would continue in many centres over Zimbabwe and that passionate leaders and teachers would continue to volunteer their time to sew into these children's lives.
    Champions for life will be a light to the nation and have powerful impact in bringing unity in the AIDS relief work done in the wider community.

Registered Charity


  • Heart-start Program 2017

  • South Sudan Meetings

  • Yotkom Uganda medical team

  • Fun-run Fundraisers 2017