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To develop sustainable health programmes that will improve the total health

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HSA aims to help build a community's capacity for meeting

its own health needs through partnership with community groups in projects.




THE SUN RUN for Healthserve Australia


It's the time of the year when a chosen few are gathering for their summer-run challenge.

On the 2nd February a Group of Five from Healthserve Australia and Jane L Noller and Co. Accountants who manage HealthServe's National Office,

are doing the 7km 'RUN in the SUN' from "DeeWHy to ManLy".

We are looking for sponsors to support HSA's Healthcare work overseas.

Could you help us??

Any amount would be a benefit, even $20 makes a great difference in resource-poor countries.


CLICK this link to Donate




Healthserve gains Government Grant of $60,000 for PNG Manual Program

It is a delight to announce to our members, supporters and donors that late last year, Healthserve Australia received an email of congratulations from DFAT to announce we had been successful in applying for a Grant for the PNG Healthcare Manual Program. 

Congratulations to the PNG HCM3 team; that is, Dr John Oakley, Ms Gerri Koelma and Ms Roslyn Copas who prepared the application. We congratulate the Healthserve Australia Board of Management who have provided the platform to administer and underpin the work in PNG. Finally, we thank our donors who have made the initial work in PNG possible. 2019 is off to a flying start!

Well Done Healthserve.

- HSA Admin Team

Team_PNG_2017_copy.jpg   Gerri_01.jpg





HSA works in partnership with other international organisations, complementing their strengths with health resources. It has a special relationship with the largest group of Christian health professionals in Australia, the Christian Medical and Dental Fellowship of Australia (CMDFA) through which it was established. Many of the CMDFA members have worked for a number of years overseas in health work.


Registering Complaints / Issues of concern 

ACFID SymbolHealthServe Australia is a signatory to the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) Code of Conduct reflecting HealthServe's compliance with industry standards of good practice, transparency and accountability.  If you have any complaint or concern please click here  and you will be redirected to our complaints form. A copy of our Complaints section in our Procedures Manual can be accessed by clicking here.

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