Welcome BBQ 2018

HSA / CMDFA " Welcome to 2018 BBQ"

Saturday February 10th, HSA joined CMDFA to launch the 2018 year of GLOBAL HEALTH PROMOTION.

There were a dozen or so attending and a few apologies, and we ate a sumptuous BBQ of sausages, porterhouse steaks and potatoes with sour cream and salad, with cheesecake for dessert.

The group was delighted to have retired surgeon and lecturer,

Bob Claxton addressing us about his work in mentoring the surgery students in Uganda and presenting his journeys around Uganda

and observations of change and challenge in the 20 years since his last visit.

Dr Claxton took us through a powerpoint presentation and invited questions and discussion on his work and journeys through Uganda.

Dr Michael Burke hosted the night and presented the plans of Healthserve Australia for 2018.

Thank you for all those able to attend and we hope to have more social evenings as the year progresses.

John Gumbley

- Healthserve Administrator and Promotions Officer



We are interested in projects that involve:

Rural community health clinics, special units in hospitals where patients lack access to such facilities

Training of all kinds of health workers with an emphasis on community health

 Scholarships for Post-graduate training and professional development of healthcare graduates 

The provision of multimedia resources for health education

Community health development in dentistry

Health education of school teachers, students and community leaders