PRiME Education about Breast Feeding

alison walsh 2 
By Dr Alison Walsh, GP and Lactation Consultant who has made Pime trips to help in the PGDFM contact programs in India and also made a teaching vidoe on breast feeding problems while in Vellor in 2010.
She writes (in Sept 2012):
My passion is education of health professionals worldwide about breastfeeding so they can support mothers breastfeeding both when all is going well and when challenges arise. So often in Australia I see GPs have undermined breastfeeding in advising incorrectly, such as...."you should wean because of certain medications, mastitis, perceived low supply"....etc (all incorrect) Those who give out this bad advice would never identify that they need to know about breastfeeding, nor would they attend BF update (I know as I have tried in past..) Core BF info actually needs to be served up as part of the primary medical degree. Until such a time as it is part of the core curriculum, doctors need some postgraduate updating.
We talk about evidence-based medicine and don't follow that when it comes to infant nutrition. We don't notice the adverse effects of a baby being deprived of human milk (although the statistics are there, they are suppressed by the infant formula companies) however the adverse effects in poorer communities are blantantly obvious. All the more reason to update the doctors working in developing communities.

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