Membership is free and open to all who are involved in the Australian health care system in some way. It is not limited to medical or dental graduates but open to nurses, chaplains, psychologists, physiotherapists, pharmacists, medical administrators and others.

As well as being able to subscribe to the news letters as above, members
will soon have access to the login area to read "documents in progress"
will be encouraged to interact about the general directions of Healthserve and about possible future projects
will have the opportunity to be elected to the committee of management or one of its subcommittees.

To apply for membership, please print off the this form and send by post to:

HealthServe Australia Inc,
PO Box 3032
Erina NSW 2250

Download an Application for Membership form


We are interested in projects that involve:

Rural community health clinics, special units in hospitals where patients lack access to such facilities

Training of all kinds of health workers with an emphasis on community health

 Scholarships for Post-graduate training and professional development of healthcare graduates 

The provision of multimedia resources for health education

Community health development in dentistry

Health education of school teachers, students and community leaders