Canberra DFAT Briefing Feb 2019

Canberra DFAT Conference shows Healthserve amongst the congratulated Aid Agencies receiving Grants 

Last week, on the 6th/7th of February Healthserve sent two delegates to the official briefing in Canberra about the grant award given to us last November for the PNG Healthcare Manual Program Distribution plan.

There were delegates from 46 recipient charitable overseas aid programs that were successful in obtaining a grant out of more than 200 applications.

The extremely able speakers addressed matters such as:

1. Administering the funds responsibly: anti-fraud and anti-terrorism measures
2. Child protection policies
3. Inclusiveness of agencies and programs: gender inclusive, disability inclusive and cultural inclusiveness.
4. Risk Management and code of conduct
5. Expectations and Instructions concerning advertising, promoting and feedback and official reporting

Two subjects generated unexpected extra energy from the gathered groups:
A. the use of photos/images especially depicting children, and
B. story-telling- how to tell the stories of change and transformation as a result of your program to the right audience in the right way

Healthserve Australia was given special thanks for their ACFID accreditation, only 11 of the 46 organisations with Grants had such accreditation with ACFID.

There will be more opportunities to apply for grants in 2019, but for now, we are focused on making the most of the funds available for our work in PNG.

Many thanks to Gerr Koelma for being the official delegate from the program to attend the briefing with me

- John Gumbley
HSA National Office Administrator


Healthserve Australia is a Registered Charity and an ACFID Member