What am I joining if I become a member of Healthserve Australia?

Healthserve Australia (HSA) is committed to accessible, compassionate and high quality healthcare for all. To achieve this, the HSA community has developed its Global healthcare mission in three Strands.

Our First Strand is our Education programs , our second is our Service programs, our third is Sponsorship and Award programs.

The Education Program is named PRIME, and promotes Whole-Person healthcare, meaning educating healthcare professionals to treat not only the physical needs of a patient, but their psychological, emotional and spiritual. 

The Service Program is a series of different programs involving the building, furnishing and establishment of treatment clinics and mobile programs of healthcare in resource-poor countries.

The Sponsorship and Awards programs involve The Dignity and Right to Health Annual Global Award, the Travelling Bursary program and the HeartStart program of Medical Students wanting course-credited experience in resource-poor settings. 


What does my membership accomplish?

When you become a member:

1. Membership funds create the structure that holds together the work of HSA across the globe.

2. Membership supports the Healthserve Australia work in programs overseas, their administration and compliance for all programs to ensure proper use of funds, good governance and good internal controls.

3. As members you will have the opportunity to vote on Board matters and Board Membership

4. All members are eligible to become Board Members and direct the policy, programs and planning of the HSA organisation. 

5. Members have side benefits: Members first bulletins and newsletters, discounted race entries when you enter funruns to raise money for Healthserve and its programs, and discounted Conference Fees.


How Much is Membership?

Membership is $90 / year. If you are a full time student, or are otherwise financially unable to pay membership, The Board may grant you a membership at a discounted rate. You can also become an affiliate member free of charge. Affiliate members do not have voting privileges and do not qualifiy for discounts on HSA Events.


How do I become a member?



If you have had a long-term connection to Healthserve Australia, you would be pre-approved for membership.  Please go to Step TWO


If you are new to Healthserve Australia

Please email the office This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and ask for approval for membership




The annual fee for members is $90

You can pay this by EFT (please put your name against the payment and indicate it is the membership fee)

EFT details are:

Healthserve Australia Inc

BSB 032-564

Account Number: 255021


The office will acknowlege your payment with a receipt and a certificate of membership.



Healthserve Australia is a Registered Charity and an ACFID Member