South Sudan Health Worker Training


Health-worker Training Program, South Sudan


Jonglei, Bor, is a Region of the North East of South Sudan and it has no access to Medical Training. Built right on the eastern bank of the White Nile, it is the largest city in Jonglei, an historic centre for Christian missionary activity, and also the state's capital. 



When the war started in 1983, it caused a breakdown in the economy and people were trapped into a culture of poverty. Bor's tragic claim to fame is that it was the birthplace of the Second Civil War, when Sudanese army officer Kerubino Kuanyin led a revolt here in 1983.

The war caused a problem for many people, who no longer had access to even basic healthcare and hygiene.  There is a desperate need for healthcare workers to be trainind to arrest the deteriorated health inthe general population. 

Program Aim:

The aim of this program is channelling funds to Christian Health Initiatives, South Sudan to support expatriate teaching staff of the Jonglei Health Sciences Institute in Bor, where midwives and clinical officers are in training. 


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