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To make a complaint about a HealthServe Australia staff member, consultant or other representative or an issue involving a project, please fill out the fields below and then press "send" and it will be emailed to the HealthServe representative who is assigned to answer complaints.  If you do not wish to use the form directly please ensure that you still answer the question in the form to enable your complaint to be addressed as efficiently and effectively as possible.  A copy of our Complaints section in our Procedures Manual can be accessed by clicking here. 

Alternatively you can email the HSA Office manager on or call 02 8911 1970 and ask for the HSA office manager.  If you would prefer to write a letter with attached documentation it can be sent to HealthServe Australia, PO Box 247, Cherrybrook NSW 2126 marked Attn: Office manager.

If you are not completely happy with the response the complaint will be referred to the HealthServe President and Executive Officer.  If the complaint is of a serious nature and cannot be resolved by HealthServe to the satisfaction of the complainant, the Board of HealthServe will refer the matter to the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) Code Committee.  

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We are interested in projects that involve:

Rural community health clinics, special units in hospitals where patients lack access to such facilities

Training of all kinds of health workers with an emphasis on community health

 Scholarships for Post-graduate training and professional development of healthcare graduates 

The provision of multimedia resources for health education

Community health development in dentistry

Health education of school teachers, students and community leaders